Extension: Acquisition of One (1) Cabin-Type Furnace Heater for Cabrutica District.

Scope: Design, Thermal and Mechanical Calculation, Procurement of Mechanical Materials, Manufacturing, Refractory, Painting, Inspection, Instrumentation and Control System (PLC), Combustion Gas System, Transport to Site, Field Installation, Testing and Start-up

Weight (Ton.): 139

Design: Crude Service 17 API and 10% Water, Duty: 40MM BTU / Hr

Design Capacity (BPD): 88,000

Type of Crude to Process: 16 API (Merey)

Specifications: Eight (8) High Performance Burners, Natural Shot, Six (6) Step Coil Design.

Sections of the Equipment: Three (3) Radiant Sections, One (1) Convective Section, Chimney, Input and Output Manifold, Platforms and Stairs

Special Conditions of Work: SWorkshop Pre-assembly of the Three (3) Radiant Sections and the Convective Section with the purpose to verify the unit compliance perfectly, so in the final assembly on site there would be no problem. UT was performed at 100% of the joints of the coil.