Cliente: PDVSA – Bariven, S.A.

Extension: Supply of Thirty-four (34) Heat Exchangers, TEMA AFT Type, Housing and Floating Head Tube.

Scope: Design TEMA, Procurement of Materials, Manufacturing, Testing, Painting, Insulation, Delivery, Start-up. Pressure Vessels has ASME Stamp.

Total Manufactured (Ton.): 929,33

Design Capacity (BPD): 94 for per train

Special Conditions of Work: The high levels of prerequisite to manufacture under ASME Stamp, covers from cutting, assembly, welding, documentation of each element fabricated to execute the Hydrostatic Test to the Vessel. Also, the accuracy to manufacture the tubular bundle requires of highly qualified personnel

Design Specifications: Crude-Crude Heat Exchangers: Three (3) Vessels in
series for a total of Thirty-Three (33) Vessels
o Unit Weight of Vessel (Ton): 17.25
o Unit Weight of Tubular Bundle (Ton): 10.14
o Number of Tubes: 694, 1″ OD and 20′ length
o Heat exchanged: 5.60 MM BTU / Hr
o Duty: 5.60 MM BTU / Hr
o Type of Crude to Process: 16 API (Merey)

Each is designed to Preheat Wet Crude Oil and Dry Crude Oil Cooling to be delivered to the next stage of the process.