Extension: Acquisition of a Horizontal Separator for San Tomé District.

Scope: Design (Process, Mechanical and Structural), Procurement of Mechanical Materials, Instrumentation and Control System (PLC), Manufacturing, Workshop Testing, Exterior Painting, Transportation to Site, Advice for Final Field Assembly, Technical Assistance for Installation and Start-up of Vessels and Instrumentation. Also, includes the Supply and Installation of the Vessels Intern (Demister and Sand Jet System). The pressure vessel has ASME Stamp.

Weight (Ton.): 9.80

Design capacity (BPD): 30.000

Type of Crude to Process: 16 API (Merey)

Special Conditions of Work: The high levels of prerequisite to manufacture under Stamp ASME, covers from cutting, assembly, welding, documentation of each element fabricated to execute the Hydrostatic Test to the Vessel. Each equipment is designed to separate Free Water, Crude Merey.