Extension: Supply of Nine (09) Radial Spillway Gates

Scope: Manufacturing, Painting, Inspection, Total Workshop Pre Assembly of a Radial Spillway Gates (Radial Spillway Gate – Hydraulic Arms – Pivot), Storage and Transport to Site.

Radial Gate Unit Weight (Ton.): 294.44

Total Manufactured Weight (Ton.): 2.650

Sections of a Radial Spillway Gates: Four (4) Sectors (Lower, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Superior), Two (2) Hydraulic Arms, One (1) Pivot, Recessed Parts, One (1) Locking Device, One (1) ) Guide Roller.

Special Conditions of Work: The complete Pre-assembly was done with all sectors of the Radial Spillway Gates -the Hydraulic Arms-the Pivot, this is in order to verify the alignment and the coupling, to avoid problems at final the assembly site the high standards of inspection and control were quite demanding.