Extension: Supply, Manufacture, Transport and Assembly of the Metallic Structures associated with Stations 1,2,3,4 and 5 for an Iron Ore Crushing Plant in the Altamira Mine of Ciudad Piar.

Scope: Procurement of Materials, Workshop Engineering and Use of Material, Manufacturing, Painting, Inspection, Packing for Assembly, Transport to Site, Field Assembly.

Manufactured Weight (Ton.): 632.65

Capacity Annual Plant Processing: 6400 Kt

Plant Processing Capacity x Time: 1200 t/h

Produced Material: 70% Mineral Fino y 30% Mineral Grueso

Manufactured and Assembled elements:

  • Station 1: Apron Feeder, Chute 100m3, Crusher Jaw 50 x 60″, Scalper
  • Station 2: Conveyor Belt, Sieve Structure 8’x 24′
  • Station 3: Crusher Structure 68SBS, Silo 68SBS
  • Station 4: Sieve Structure 8′ x 24′
  • Station 5: Crusher Structure 52SBS, Silo 52SBS

Special Work Conditions: A great logistic work was done for each one of the activities carried out, from the pre-assembly in workshop of the several elements of the plant to the packaging of it. In addition, the complexity itself has the total assembly of the structure of the plant.