Extension: Manufacture, transport and assembly of a ship loader in Ferrominera Dock

Scope: Procurement of materials, Workshop engineering and the allocation of de material, manufacturing, painting, inspection, transport to work, assembly the dock.

Total Manufactured (Ton.): 403.92

Total Mounted (Ton.): 710.70

Operation Design: Twenty – Four (24) hours a day, and eight thousand (8000) hours a year.

Movement Capacity: Multiple mvements per day (up to four (4) per hour).

Designed Capacity: 6000 tph of the lightest product for a volumetric capacity (pellets 133 pcf) and will normally charge the following rats:
a. Fine Iron Ore: 5000tph
b. Iron Ore Pellets: 3500tph
c. Thick Iron Ore: 3500tph
d. Briquettes of Iron Ore: 3000tph

Manufactured and Assembled Elements: Shuttle; Boom; Main Frame; Tripper; Tranfer Conveyor; Shuttle and Boom Hopper and Accesses (Plataforms, Stairs, Handralls, etc.)

Special Work Conditions: A great logistic work was done to execute each one of the activities, from the pre-assembly in workshop of several elements of the ship loader to the packaging of it. In addition, the complexity itself has the total assembly of the ship loader.