Extenon: Supply, Manufacture and Assembly on Site of a R9-301 Reclaimer Machine

Scope: Supply, Manufacturing, Painting, Inspection, Pre-assembly in workshop of all sub-assemblies, Packaging, Transportation and Assembly of the Equipment.

Total Manufactured (Ton.): 460.42

Total Mounted (Ton.): 513.81

Design Capacity (T / H) : 1.800

Material Stack Capacity (Ton.): 250.000

Dimension: 18 width x 57 long x 10 high

Manufactured and assembled elements: Bogies; Bridges: Sections 1, 2 and 3; Support Firm Side and Mobile Side; Conveyor Belt; Discharge Chute; Mobile Hopper; Trolley Structure: Sections 1,2, 3, 4 and 5; Rake; Accesses (Platforms, Stairs, Walkways); Bands, Electric Motors, Benches, Couplings, Reducers, Rollers, Rails, etc.

Special Work Conditions: A great logistic work was done for each activity to carried out, from the pre-assembly in workshop of the elements of the machine to the packaging of it. In addition, the complexity itself has the assembly and alignment of the Reclaimer Machine.